Thiago Silva Returns to Fighting… Despite Reports, It Won’t Be in The Octagon

I'm pretty sure Silva won't be returning to the Octagon.

I’m pretty sure Silva won’t be returning to the Octagon.

If there was any real question about how the “mainstream” views MMA, this should tell you a great deal.

The video, which you can see here, flat out states that Silva will be fighting in the Octagon.

Thiago Silva was arrested in February and charged with aggravated assault and battery that came on the heels of an alleged confrontation with his estranged wife.  You can read more about his arrest and the fallout here.

As far as the claim that Silva will be fighting in the Octagon, yes, it’s lazy reporting.  Yes, all it would take is an extra step or two to call the UFC and figure out that Thiago Silva is not a part of its organization and will not be stepping into the “Octagon”.  Yes, it’s sensationalistic and misleading to use the UFC’s name and trademark in the story when he doesn’t have ties to the UFC anymore.  Yahoo, should know better.  Hell, they could go and ask Kevin Iole.  More than that, though, it demonstrates how the UFC brand name can cut both ways.

In the end, I suppose it could have been worse.  The news outlet and Yahoo could have used a picture of this Thiago Silva in the report:

photo via WikiCommons

Thiago Silva; photo via WikiCommons