Something Rank in the UFC’s Rankings

The piece below is a fantastic commentary by the mighty Ben Fowlkes on the ridiculousness of the UFC’s ranking system. The outcry from those media members who decided to cast votes seems a little like sour grapes, though. The UFC will do what it needs to in order to keep its company in business. Using the media is part of that. Sure that little bit of fighter access and “exclusives” sounds tasty when they are offered, but if you give a mouse a cookie, its going to want a glass of milk. Hopefully, every media member who decided to lie in bed with the UFC and contribute to this potemkin village of a rankings system feels a little dirtier today. After all, this is the same promotion that was willing to allow Gina Carao a chance to face its women’s bantamweight champion despite her 5 years of inactivity. That’s how much it cared about the media’s opinion and its own rankings. As for the move itself by the UFC, Fowlkes said it best, it seems petty. But petty is what the UFC does best regarding the media (ask Josh Gross and Loretta Hunt) and its fighters (ask GSP and Jon Jones). Hell, the UFC does petty regarding fighters not under the Zuffa umbrella, too. just as Cris Cyborg Justino. You know the mantra.  Second verse, same as the first, “Business as usual.”



As of Monday afternoon, [autotag]Nate Diaz[/autotag] was listed as the UFC’s fifth-ranked lightweight. On Tuesday he was nowhere to be found in the top 15.

Gone. Vanished. Was there a Monday night event I didn’t know about? Maybe one where Diaz got quietly trounced by some no-name opponent who knocked him off the UFC’s official rankings altogether?

No, nothing like that. Instead Diaz, like fellow lightweight [autotag]T.J. Grant[/autotag], who’s been out nearly a year with symptoms apparently related to a concussion suffered in training, was “removed due to inactivity,” according to a UFC official who explained the rankings reshuffle in an email to MMAjunkie on Tuesday. The cause of that inactivity, according to the same UFC official, is “related to [Diaz’s] refusal to accept bouts.”

“There is no timetable for if and when he returns. Thus, he’s been removed from the rankings.”

This seems troubling, and I write that as…

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