Fight Picks – The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale: The Intercontinental Stereotypes Edition

G’Day, mates.  Sorry, my Aussie accent is better than my Canadian accent, hey.  As a season of Canada versus Australia comes to a close for The Ultimate Fighter, fight fans are rewarded with a midweek treat. And, this is a pretty salty card for a Wednesday night.

In the main, I’m putting stakes in the ground and going with Michael Bisping if for no other reason than he’s been consistently able to single-handedly muck up my picks every time I pick against him.  He’s either better than I give him credit for (which is likely the case), or I am just awful at MMA picks. I do think Tim Kennedy has a great shot to walk away with the W, considering this is Bisping’s first fight in a year.  However, I’m bucking the past and going with Bisping.  Actually,  my pick for Bisping stems more from the Dionisia Pacquiao school of pick-making superstition and less from anything scientific, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kennedy win.

As for the co-main, fight fans get treated to two former middleweights in Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke making a career second act as welterweights… big welterweights.  I’m glad that Patrick Cote’s tenure as a coach in the Ultimate Fighter house has gone better than his first stint as a fighter. Though, few things that have happened in the TUF house are quite as funny as a drunken Patrick Cote calling GSP the worst cornerman ever:

Cote has a pretty solid chin, and he has a passable ground game. However, his biggest tool is his power. He hits hard (even if his last KO was in 2012), so if he can keep the fight vertical, he should be fine.  Speaking of the salad days of 2012, that was the last time that Kyle Noke was seen in the Octagon with a winning TKO that ended Charlie Brenneman’s first run in the UFC.  Noke’s KO/TKO wins match those of Patrick Cote, so he is not afraid to stand to get the win.  However, most of the wins on Noke’s resume come by way of submission. Given their history, if this ends with a KO for either, I’ll be surprised.  I imagine Cote peppers Noke with enough shots to win the fight, but Noke still remains standing at the end.

As for the rest of the card, the KJ Noons/Sam Stout fight is worth a look, and Sarah Kaufman and Leslie Smith look to duplicate their previous fight of the night efforts from Invicta, but Poirier/Corassani has me completely dialed in.

Feel free to check back as the night progresses and ridicule all of the little red Xs next to my picks.

Pre-prelims start at 3:25 PM ET on UFC Fight Pass.  Prelims start at 5:00 PM ET on Fox Sports 1, followed by the main card which starts at 7:00 PM ET.


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