Happy Birthday Vitor Belfort: What to Get the MMA Fighter Who Wants Everything

Vitor in his UFC return at UFC 103

Vitor in his UFC return at UFC 103

Vitor Belfort turns 37 today thereby cementing the handle of “The Old Vitor”.

Speaking of “The Old Vitor,” here’s a flashback to a teenaged Vitor Belfort in his second UFC fight.  He was so new and fresh-faced, then-interviewer Joe Rogan refers to him as Victor (something my spellcheck has wanted to do for this entire piece).

New Vitor, Old Vitor, TRT Vitor, Gluten-Free Vitor… whatever adjective is added, Vitor remains one of the most interesting fighters of the last decade and a half.   He may be one year older, but with all of the TRT talk in the last six months, and after pulling out of a title fight against Chris Weidman due to the new ban on testosterone replacement therapy by the Nevada state Athletic Commission, most have dismissed him as being done.  It wouldn’t surprise me, but in MMA, a fighter fighting into his 40s isn’t exactly an anomaly.  Now, whether or not those same fighters can still be competitive after 40 is a different argument and one that gets convoluted now that the TRT loop has been closed.

What could Vitor want more than anything for his birthday?  A title shot?  After all title shots aren’t just given out like birthday presents. But, Vitor just returned his last one.

How about simply a good life and good health? For the average person, such a wish falls in line with receiving a new pair of socks.  However, in sport where competitors take punches to the face, this seems like an appropriate enough gift.

That being said, Vitor seems open to just about anything you want to send his way:

The world awaits the birthday gift Michael Bisping is sending to Vitor.


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