Shedding Light on a Dark Situation: Undercard Superstar Talks with Will Chope, and did the UFC Handle his Situation Correctly?

Please check out Josh Hall’s follow up to the events surrounding Will Chope’s dismissal from the UFC below. They are comprehensive and shed light on the UFC’s Code of Conduct policy as well as quotes from Chope himself.

It calls out the inconsistencies between the reason for Chope’s dismissal and those of other fighters still on the UFC’s roster. Also, it gives a better look at the timeline as to who knew what and when.

Hopefully, someone will be able to find out the reason why a more comprehensive inquiry into Chope’s past was made a day before he was scheduled to fight despite the UFC’s previous greenlight to allow him to fight on previous cards. Something continues to smell rotten about the timing of when this info came to light.

Undercard Superstar


Contributor: Josh Hall

UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson is in the books and it included a mix of incredible action at times tempered by some questionable officiating and a couple of less than enthralling fights.  Whether you want to look at the good or the bad there is plenty to talk about, but the one thing that sticks out to me the most is the one fight that didn’t happen.

The evening before Will Chope was scheduled to take on Diego Brandao, a story was released by Jeremy Botter at Bleacher Report that revealed Chope had been discharged from the US Air Force and served five months in jail for multiple assaults on his now ex-wife.  The details were not pretty, with the last assault involving a threat with a knife and Chope beating his ex-wife’s head on the floor in a fight over a credit card. …

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