The regrets of Robbie Lawler: Five ways of looking at UFC 171

Ben Fowlkes hits the nail on the head regarding Tyron Woodley. I don’t know how much credit he deserves for Condit’s injury, but it should not eliminate him from contention talk. He deserves credit for taking it to Condit and putting him in a bad spot. He deserves to be in the contender debate. He deserves to be taken seriously. He also deserves the criticism he’s taking for making the rounds and trying to put a spin on what happened in the fight. He has the bonafides. He should leave the brio at home and let the performance speak for itself.


robbie-lawler-ufc-157 Who knows what goes on inside the mind of [autotag]Robbie Lawler[/autotag]? I imagine it is a dreary place at times, like an unfurnished apartment that the tenant hasn’t bothered to outfit with anything but the bare essentials, though for all I know it’s a lavish room covered in rich red velvet. You know, to hide the bloodstains.

Whatever it’s like, I suspect that the walls of that room will flicker with images of that third round against [autotag]Johny Hendricks[/autotag] for years to come. I suspect he’ll replay that scene from this past Saturday’s UFC 171 pay-per-view event of Hendricks staggering loosely backward, about as solid on his feet as a newborn colt, trying to tuck his chin and fake it long enough to let his wits and legs return. I suspect Lawler will see that scene from his own memory and wish he’d done more about it.

That was the…

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