Crowded House – Tito Ortiz Contemplates Crashing UFC’s 20th Anniversary Show

So Tito is threatening, and maybe that’s not the best choice of word, to crash the UFC’s 20th anniversary show.  The show in question is UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks being hosted at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is awfully generous of Tito to offer to pick up the nickel for tickets for himself, Rampage, Randy Couture, and the Shamrocks. UFC tickets can be pricey, especially for really good seats.  However, if he’s really thinking of an invasion, WWF/WWE style, he should look into include Eddie Alvarez and King Mo.  King Mo is already entrenched in pro-wrestling, and maybe he can get Kurt Angle in on it, too.

Of course, including more fighters is likely to get more expensive.  And it seems really weird and confusing that Tito would pay for a UFC ticket (or in this case five), essentially giving Dana White money when Tito himself inferred Dana was a slave driver.  I guess if I was Tito, I wouldn’t want to give a guy who oppressed me one stinking dime.  But Tito is a master strategistpromoter, and billionaire, so he knows better than me.  However, if he’s looking to save money, I guess he could just wait until Dana tweets free tickets for the event and hope for the best.

The really odd thing is that there hasn’t been a mention of the UFC doing anything special to commemorate the event.  So in a sense, there is no real party to crash.  The UFC has never been a company to look back and reflect.  I actually think that’s one of the things in which the UFC is lacking.  They don’t make their hall of fame events live, they don’t discuss the SEG era, and they rarely look back at significant fights, cards, or fighters.  Seeing some pioneers from the silver age of the UFC might be a nice way to acknowledge where they’ve been as a company and where the sport has been.

At the end of the day, if Tito’s stunt gets Frank Shamrock back into the UFC, even as a spectator, by hook or by crook, I’m for it.


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