I skipped my 10 year high school reunion.  Mostly because I didn’t want to be there the first time, and I wasn’t about to go back.  But I do appreciate that there are some people for whom the high school experience was like this:

or this:

For Nate Diaz, high school must have been really important because he announced the following via Twitter earlier today:

This is why I follow the Diaz brothers on Twitter and why I believe them to be two of the most intriguing and entertaining people in MMA.

Stuff like this is also why I think Joe Silva’s decision to avoid Twitter and most media and stay behind the scenes in the UFC is a good one.  I envy the job Joes Silva has because it’s matchmaking, but I know it’s more than that too.  There’s a great interview here in which Sean Shelby and Joe Silva are interviewed about their jobs as matchmakers.  It’s a fascinating read, and it makes their jobs much less enviable/desirable.  In my day job, I have a team that I lead, and I can’t imagine one of them tweeting that they wouldn’t be available to work on a given day because of commitments to a high school reunion (and in Nate’s case a high school that clearly left proofreading off of the list of graduation requirements).

I have a feeling the fight will still go down, and the tweet will likely get yanked, but I’d love to have been the NSA agent listening in on the call Dana White and Joe Silva had with Nate’s manager Mike Kogan and Nate Diaz.

The only thing that would have made this even more intriguing and entertaining would have been if it had happened under Cesar Gracie’s watch as Nate’s manager and seeing him spin like a top trying to get in front of the controversy.

MMA would be a whole lot less interesting without the brothers Diaz.


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