Jon Jones Is Correct: Jon Jones Haters Are Dumb

Earlier last week, Jon Jones went on the record and said that most of his “haters” are “dumb”.  

I’m not a Jon Jones fan, but he is absolutely correct.  Most UFC fans cannot handle themselves.  Anyone stupid enough to call a professional fighter’s mother a whore should at least be brave enough to say it face-to-face.  Louie C.K. is right.  Sending a tweet or text or message in general is easier when there’s no physical empathetic reaction involved.  Too many Internet tough guys, Not enough Internet goons.

Some poor fellow who shares a similar name to Jon Jones was treated to the Jon Jones hatred just because of his name.  I don’t think the fighter Jon Jones deserves that kind of verbal assault either, but seriously, morons, Bones Jones is verified account on Twitter.  Do a little research.

Unfortunately, this clear example of idiocracy casts a pall on MMA fans and UFC fans in particular.

You stay classy, fight fans.



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