“You show up really well.”–Matt Mitrione

What I gleaned from the UFC 165 Countdown (Mitrione/Schaub segment):

  • Matt Mitrione is the son of a psychiatrist and is a master of head games.
  • Brendan Schaub smells like the beach.
  • According to Schaub, on a season of the Ultimate Fighter that included a cast of Kimbo Slice, Roy Nelson, Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson, Tiki, & Wes Sims, Matt Mitrione was the most hated person that season.
  • Schaub says Mitrione slept in a closet.
  • According to Schaub, Mitirone is a football player whose time ran out in the NFL.
  • According to Mitrione, Schaub has heard of the NFL.
  • Mitrione gets beat up by everybody in the Blackzillians’ gym.
  • Mitrione trains with anyone in the gym with the caveat that they must be able to “whoop his ass.”
  • Mitrione is a masochist.
  • When your “chin goes south on you,” you become a “jiu jitsu guy.”
    • Does the reverse also hold true?  If you get tapped out consistently do you become a “let me bang bro” guy?
  • Boxing is a forte for Brendan Schaub.
  • Schaub refers to the UFC as his “main girl.”
  • The UFC describes its relationship with Schaub as, “It’s complicated.”

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