UFC 165 Countdown Recap – Jones/Gustafsson

“Come on, son.”–Jon Jones

What I gleaned from the UFC 165 Countdown:

  • Jon Jones doles out backhanded compliments like he does spinning elbows.
    • “Alexander Gustafsson… the first time I really started to pay attention to him was when he fought Matt Hamill.  I was like ooooh, very impressive.”  Translation: “I beat Hamill, too.  I really, really did. Don’t look at my record!”
    • “It would be nice to beat a guy who is tall and young…”  Translation: “Chael is old. Hendo is old. Vitor is old and short…”
    • “When I took him down in the first ten seconds, he goes, ‘Oh man, those are really sweet takedowns.’… I was like, “Thanks.” Translation: “Chael can’t even stop talking when he’s getting his ass kicked.”
  • If Gustafsson wins, and somehow has to face Phil David down the road, the UFC already has the footage and story for that showdown locked up.
  • Question: Would Gustafsson rather have beat Phil Davis and gotten the win than lost and gotten a friendship?
  • Phil Davis and Alexander Gustafsson are like, the same guy, man.
  • Gustafsson is well spoken and never once offers a “bork, bork, bork.”
  • Phil Davis is a charming and funny guy.
    • “It was a 100% not about me helping him… it was about me learning how to not get punched in the face by him.”
  • Phil Davis believes Gustafsson is faster than Jon Jones, and specifically mentions footwork, alluding to the fact that Jones’ bad big toe will slow him down to a trickle of tree sap.
  • Phil Davis also mentions “Alex has great footwork,” alluding to the fact he thinks The Mauler’s feet are attractive.
  • Phil Davis has a foot fetish.
  • Gustafsson is a tall guy… taller than the champ, and doesn’t get his height from his mother.
  • Despite the fact he is Swedish, none of the furniture in Gustafsson’s house comes from an Ikea.

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