Welcome to The Donny Brook





  1. a scene of uproar and disorder; a heated argument.

“raucous ideological donnybrooks”

Welcome to The Donnybrook Report!  I swear, that will likely be the last time I use an exclamation point.

As proprietor to the site, my goal is to provide MMA commentary (and really, whatever may strike my fancy at the moment) with a side of humor, and hopefully, stir the debate.

I won’t waste your time with an “about me” because I’ll likely only give you the cliff notes about me, but I do believe I should at the very least let you know where I stand on a few things if you plan on visiting occasionally.

Since few people do it as well as Crash Davis, for the record:

  • I believe in Paulo Filho’s plaid shirt.
  • I believe Frank Mir’s jujitsu could mata a leon.
  • I believe wrestling is a tool, not a strategy.
  • I believe Han shot first.
  • I believe in Rickson by armbar.
  • I believe Dallas needs another NFL franchise because Jerry Jones will never give up his reigns as GM of the Cowboys.
  • I believe in watching in the prelims.
  • I believe Frank Shamrock deserves to be in the UFC hall of fame.
  • I believe in not stealing a fighter’s hat walking to the cage.
  • I believe The Big Bang Theory as a tv show is criminally overrated.
  • I believe Pride had better looking belts.
  • I believe Condit won.
  • I believe in draining a cauliflower ear before a fighter enters the cage.
  • I believe in knees to the head of a grounded opponent.
  • I believe Nick vs. Gomi, Bendo vs Cerrone I, & Hendo vs. Shogun should be required viewing for every new MMA convert.
  • I believe Judo Gene Lebell is a better sensei than Steven Seagal.
  • I believe living inside of Roy Nelson’s head is a tiny Cabbage Correira.
  • I believe standing and banging as a strategy to win fights is as effective as gong and dash.
  • I believe adjectives like  Old Vitor should be banned.
  • I believe in Harvey Dent.
  • I believe you shouldn’t fear me, just the consequences.

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